Group Corners is

A company. A platform.
Products built, designed, and implemented for groups.

Group Corners Core Technology

The foundation of Group Corners

Group Corners Core Technology is a layered approach. On top of the base core layer, there is a set of products. Each of these products provides all the pages, css, functionality for a typical group to use.

The Core Technology provides email servers, web site interfaces for public facing website, and for secure login areas

Core Technology Features:

  • Secure Membership Management
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tools
  • Mailing Lists
  • Individual User Account Web Pages

These features provide a world class foundation for groups to create their own corner on the web

Conceptual view of Group Corners Core Platform

For more details on the specific products


Products provide a model for building websites.
Chamber Product

Provides all the tools to manage a chamber commerce like organisation


  • Events
  • Mailing Lists
  • Membership Management

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Ticket Master Product

Provides all the tools for a manage the needs of a development organisation


  • Projects
  • Tickets
  • Mailing Lists

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Vanity Club Product

Provides a fun streamlined way to have a "Group Based" club, allowing users to display their special vehicle, furniture, art,etc.

For example, you might have a vanity club for tricked out Jeeps


  • Allow Upload of images
  • Allow Unique urls for each user
  • Allow users to manage their own gallery

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Attendance Product

provides a method to charge/track attendance for meetings


  • Allow Meeting setups
  • Charge money for each meeting

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Deal Call Product

provides a method to track deal calls


  • Allow Management of sale force

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